Dancing With The Stars Call Numbers May 16

Dancing With The Stars May 16 2011 is the week before the finale show. There are four couples that remain. They will take on the dance floor and attempt to impress America and the judges. Do you think they will get good feedback from the judges?

dancing with the stars may 16There will be two unlearned dances as well as a winner take all cha-cha-cha that the couples perform. Krisite and Maks will do the dance Paso Doble. Chelsea and Mark will do the dance Rumba. Ralph and Karina will do the dance Foxtrot. Hines and Kim will dance the salsa.

Do you think that Ralph and Karina will be able to bounce back? Do you think that they will get a high score? Do you think that Chelsea and Mark will be able to continue getting the highest score? Below are the Dancing With The Stars call numbers May 16

Chelsea & Mark – 800-868-3401

Hines & Kym – 800-868-3403

Ralph & Karina – 800-868-3408

Kirstie & Maks – 800-868-3411


  1. Robin says:

    I called in my vote for Kym and Hines at 1-800-868-3403 and the recording thanked me for voting for Chelsea and Mark??? What’s up with that? That wasn’t who I was voting for and to make sure I didn’t call the wrong number, I double checked it. I tried repeadtedly to get through again at the same Hines/Kym number and it kept ringing busy. Never got through again. How do I know that the vote counted for Hines and not Chelsea?

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