A Million Little Pieces: Author James Frey on Oprah

Today on Oprah controversial author of A Million Little Pieces sat down with Ms. Winfrey to discuss what happened over 5 years ago when he first appeared on her show.This interview is a two part series that will conclude on tomorrows episode. The author of A Million Little Pieces first appeared on Oprah back in 2005 and again in 2006, the second appearance was a damaging interview for Frey.


For those that don’t remember here is a recap of what happened almost 6 years ago. For her book club  in 2005 Oprah had selected James Frey’s novel as her book club selection, which brought Frey immediately into the spotlight. His book A Million Little Pieces was apparently a memoir of sorts and millions of readers immediately became intrgiued by it. James Frey was at the top of many bestseller lists until the website SmokingGun.com uncovered many inconsistencies with his novel A Million Little Pieces. In 2006 Frey appeared on Oprah and was dealt some tough questions which eventually resulted in him admitting the novel was a lie.

This week, which is the final full week of Oprah, will see James Frey come back on to talk about his life over the past 5 years. He has been living in France and now has a new novel which he is promoting. He agreed to appear on Oprah one last time after she gave a formal apology to him back in 2009. A Million Little Pieces which was initially described as a memoir is now recognized as a fiction novel.

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