PSN Update May 16: Playstation Back Up?

Since mid April gamers all over the world have been waiting for their beloved gaming network to get back online and this weekend it finally happened. Throughout the US gamers were able to download the PS3 update and reset their passwords and subsequently sign in to the network. With the heavy traffic on the site it had to be temporarily turned off to clear up the line up of password resets. The PSN update for May 16th had some users frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to get back into gaming.

Sony PlayStation executives have released details of a “Welcome Back” incentive program for users in North America. A brief look at the program shows some free games being made available to current PSN user along with free movies and much more. Full details of the program can be found on the PlayStation blog. It appears as though Sony is trying to make amends for the inconvenience it has caused to its millions of PSN users now that PlayStation is back up.

The “Welcome Back” program rewards will be available after the site has been fully restored. An exact date for when that will be has not been released by Sony yet, but hopefully it will not take too long. We will continue to provide you with a PSN update until service has been restored to 100%. Now that PlayStation network is back up will you be rejoining the gaming?


  1. Dallas says:

    super stoked to be back online!!!!

  2. A.Kelly says:

    After all that downloading the update & reseting my password, I finaly got to get back online & played for about 6 hours, then went to bed. When I woke up, feeling excited to play again, to find out I cant get back online…..Again!!! Holy F@#kin hell, you have to be F@#king kidding me! Your tellin me, after ALL the Sony Nerds put a whole full proof System back together & made it better-they couldnt keep up with reset passwords!!! YOU SUCK!! I had a couple of opportunities to sell my shitty ass PS3 & now Im thinkin of it! F@#king Bullsh@t Network! F@#k SONY! Im playing my daughters Wii more than this piece of shit!!

  3. Mom says:

    Man this bull I wanted to play psn and it said my password wasn’t valid any more you guys better do something about this or else I’m going to go to mcdonlds and buy myself a burger and go back home and play my brothers xbox 360

  4. el barto says:

    wambulance…………….. booo hoooo hoo cant play on psn probably suck online anyway…so put the game on easy and feel like you accomplished something..all the downloading? you mean 10mins? or your internet sucks. Wii and its 1 good game? go be a jack ass and look retarded playing wii sports with your windows open . or the workout and have the wii tell you your a fat loser!! =] have a nice day.

  5. Paul parker says:

    I’ve been waiting 3 days now for the email from psn! I think it’s a conspiracy!!!!

  6. ryan says:

    this is so annoying, if the servers gonna be up keep it up stop tagging us along i was on a 47 kill streak last night and its signd me out, saying for a new update, now i realised why i brought and xbox!

  7. LonesomeGeorge says:

    Everyone needs to calm down a bit, I’m sure full service will be restored very soon. My problem is that I still havent received an email from sony to change my password, and its been 36 hours since i requested one. I’m in the UK, don’t know if anyone else has had to wait quite this long?

  8. Junior J. says:

    I’m not sure why all of you are complaining so much. Sony is actually being very generous with all the free give-aways. Yesterday I played KZ3 online for about 2 hours did my share of owning and turned it off. All I had to do was install the update which only took about 10 mins? And reset my password and I got the notification from my e-mail right away. Of course the four free downloads could’ve been much better games especially if you already own all four of them.

  9. Zeno says:

    You guys whine too much. Play the damn story, find a job, hang out with your gf (if you have one) just do something other then whine.

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