1. Johnny B says:

    Yeah i agree this is too bad all of us gamers can`t for a revolution that matters. Although i`m sure we could…who is in? lol but really i agree big time!

  2. Rebecca Davis admin says:

    Hey Johnny B you can actually make a difference just think about 70 million PlayStation players behind you. JUST DO IT! Bo would.

  3. poop says:

    it is easier to not care when psn is down, but when its up, i wanna play

  4. chris says:

    Just wondering , i got the free trial of netflix but since psn has been down i never got to use the free trial but one day worth , who covers that and would i get another month since i never got,to use it ?

  5. Michael C. says:

    With 70 million users, maybe if everyone just donate $1 or $2. Then that could just be a start.

  6. Chopper says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better. People are beinng herded like sheep & they don’t even care as long as they have they’re video game. Our rights are being slowly stripped from us, the middle class is being systematically erased cause the banks want everyone that isn’t rich to be in debt so they can collect interest. No one seems to realize that humans have more ways to communicate amongst each other now more than any other time in history. Yet for sum reason people in the 60′s were more alert & aware of the insidious nature of the people that have seized power. If everyone could just put aside their ignorance, forget about petty squabbles over nothing and just awaken themselves and RISE UP to what is really going on not only in this country, but the world. Then “you” might just see why gas is so high, why taxes keep going up, why jobs are being eliminated, why companies like Exxon pay no taxes in this country. There is so much more going on, other than what downloadable content has come out for which game!! This message might not reach that many, but hopefully it reaches one and he or she tells another and people start to open their mind to more…

  7. Jester says:

    That’s great i didn’t even get to enjoy it when it came back up the first time now i have to wait until God knows how long for it come back up again….disappointing

  8. ADN says:

    Hey guys! I’m totally behind you on this one. And wanted to expand even further on the issue at hand. The U.S. is not the only country being affected right now, since the apparition of the Internet, all the world has lost most of it’s boundries. Same has happened with banks world wide. All the world is in credit and mortgage turmoil at the moment. But I digress. My point being, PSN is over 70 million users strong, a lot of them are from other countries, united by the love of Gaming. And that means that, being a worldwide community, to voice one’s thoughts will have the power to reach far and wide. Never has the world been as united at it is right now. Let yourselves be heard. (Read?)

    BTW and FYI. I am not American and English is not my native tongue, so pardon any grammatical mistakes i have made.

  9. justaguy says:

    Part of the reason the country is in a downward spiral is because of jobs. I understand how you can say that the big banks have caused it all, but I do not think that this is the case. All you have to do is go overseas and look at all of the factories, workers and all other former corporate American belongings. Sure it still belongs to some Americans, but all of that work has been taken from our land due to cheaper labor. Yes, we all know this, but do nothing about it. Point being, our middle class is dissipating because we do not have the work. When we do not have a working middle class we can no longer put back into our economy. Afterall, we, the middle class, are the people that go to work everyday and spend our paychecks on bills, food, clothings and other necessities every Friday. Now this is only my opinion and of course they do vary, however, the Industrial Revolution changed our economy for the better and now we import our exported work. We need to step up and put a stop to this. We need to STOP exporting our work!

  10. Peter piper says:

    Interesting that politics and gaming are going head to head. Since the demographic of any gaming fan seems to be young and impressionable people don’t you think that we are simply using gaming as an outlet to escape the everyday propaganda and the false sense of well being of the world today? We all are simply contributing to the gaming companies that have massive stocks in the market. Maybe it’s time that all companies such as Sony or Microsoft really try to make a difference and change the way some of the impressionable folks out there think,before it’s really too late gamers of the world should get together andseriously talk or chat with each other and see what everyone has to say otherwise the next big game we will be playing is ourselves.

  11. Jo says:

    So let me get this right; because 70 Million people use the PSN the economy on America went to sh*t?? How does that work? What should Sony start charging for the network like XBox Live? I don’t think it makes the network any better if you pay for it but if that’s what it takes to keep it up and running I’ll throw down the cash.

    I also don’t think that people in the 60′s were any more aware of the insidiousness of the government than the people are now- they were just more vocal about it. I guess writing songs about it didn’t help at all did it??

  12. Chris says:

    PSN down again?This is crazy, what is Sony doing?I fear that Sony will lose a lot of loyal gamers to XBox.I’ll keep the faith Sony but please get your stuff together

  13. Dallas says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I play games to escape from reality. I know that the economy is not as great as it should be, I know that the world’s economy is in somewhat the same situation that the U.S. economy is in, and I know that our rights are systematically taken from us under the guise of being more secure. But, I hide my head in the sand so that I can get up in the morning and go to work and play the game of life. If I think too much about the downward spiral of the world and its economy, I’m likely to go into the downward spiral myself.

    Reading some of the posts here is a little inspiring though. Someone had a very valid point, PSN players are 70 million strong and we all share the love of gaming, if we can come together on that, then why couldn’t we come together on trying to change the world. I wouldn’t expect a complete turn-around, but just having so many people on the same page and yelling, or typing the same message…it could have great power.

  14. T says:

    I hope more and more people jump ship and go to xbox. That will create less of a chance for 70 million basement dwellers to all try logging on in 24 hours … Amateurs. I can be patient, very patient. I have a life beyond online gaming. I didn’t even attempt to log on a few days ago, I had a feeling it would go down again. I will wait 2-3 weeks after it has been up with no problems before I attempt to log on again.

    What Sony should do is have a rotating log in to change the passwords, download any updates etc… Last names beginning with A have 3 days to log in and do the updates etc. Then to B, 3 days, then C, and so on. At the same time boost up the servers to handle 10 million people. Before the network went down, how many were logged online at any one time anyway?

  15. Zero6 says:

    The problem is not finding cheap labor or quality workers with a reasonable pay in America its all the damn government taxes on employment, payroll, property, sales, fees, licenses, insurance… its so damn hard to run a small business and offer reasonable prices and quality work when you have to pay all these damn fees. Its not the American people that aren’t trying to get the economy back up its the damn government holding it down. Were i live the price for vehicle tags and other dmv fees have doubled in the last two years, traffic tickets have also gone up, property taxes keep going up slowly, gas taxes are also crazy. then you hear how the school board budget has been cut in half. but there still working on the same roads for 3 years.

  16. ILLTH says:


  17. tbags says:

    the only part that is down is the store
    because i’ve been on psn for a few days now

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