Playstation Network Back Online May 17

Are you excited about the Playstation network back online news? There are millions of fans that are excited to be able to play their favorite games. It was 24 days since PSN went down. Fans were worried that the network would not get back up for months.

playstation network back online may 17There were some fans that were extremely loyal until Playstation network back online. There were others however that decided they would at least go to Xbox until the network came back up. Were you one of the people that went over to Xbox during the outage? How about now that Playstation network back online?

Sony told users that it is possible that profile data was stolen. This data could include purchase history, billing address, PSN security questions and credit card information. Many of the gamers canceled the cards that they used for PSN. If you have not canceled your card you should make sure to keep a close eye on things.

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