Real Housewives Of New Jersey (Video)

Are you a Real Housewives Of New Jersey fan? If you are then you may have seen the insanity that went on with the show. Brother and sister were at each other’s throats. Teresa Giudice actually blacked out at the christening of her niece.

real housewives of new jerseyThe Real Housewives Of New Jersey is of course a reality show but all of the drama is almost too good to be real. Teresa’s brother ended up cussing her and pounding on the table. After this the whole christening went down the hole. What did you think about the fight on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey?

The fight was broadcast Monday night on the 90-minute season 3 premiere. The fight broke out in a big way because of Teresa attending a reception for her niece which was hosted by her sister in law Melissa Gorga. Melissa is one of the newest members to the cast. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey show isn’t going to calm down, it is just going to get all the more crazy.


  1. tacky66 says:

    too many fights and this one at The Manor and they are all dressed up and all of this is done in front of little children, throw them all in jail; not going to continue to watch if it is all about fighting ……..

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