Randall Cunningham: Loses Son in Drowning Accident

Randall Cunningham, former UNLV star and retired NFL quarterback has suffered the loss of his 2 year old son. A woman was at the Cunningham home on Tuesday afternoon with several children. It is unclear who the children were other than Christian Cunningham who is Randall’s son. The woman found Christian in the hot tub around 4:30 Tuesday evening.

The woman immediately began CPR and when the paramedics arrived the young boy was transported to a local hospital. Randall Cunningham is now a pastor in the Las Vegas area and routinely used the hot tub for performing baptisms. Naturally the authorities will look into this issue on a larger scale but on the surface, the drowning appears to be an accident.  Because Cunningham has remained in the area where he played his collegiate career along with the extended family of his church family, he will have a good support system available to him.

But, regardless of how big the support system for Randall Cunningham and his family are, the loss of child is devastating. Cunningham has yet to make a public statement regarding the incident. However, most assume that he will soon.The community at UNLV and the NFL along with a large array of fans will mourn with Cunningham.

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