PSN Back Online May 17: PlayStation Network is Back Online

All avid gamers are happy once again since they woke up to find that the PSN is back online for May 17. The PlayStation network had been down on May 16 because of too many users changing their passwords all at once. This of course made the PSN gamers very unhappy since they thought all issues with the PlayStation network had been resolved. The PlayStation Network had been down since April 20th and now it is finally back online.

PSN Back Online

There are 70 million gamers that use the PlayStation Network to play against each other and this is the only free service of it’s kind. So obviously there were millions of angry gamers when they found out that the PSN was down again on May 16. May 17 brought happy news though since the PlayStation Network is back online for all users.

Sony is putting together a customer appreciation package for the 70 million gamers that were affected by the PSN outage. The package will be made available to all existing North American gamers. It is said that they will get to choose two of the following games for download and they will get to keep them for free (Dead Nation, inFAMOUS, LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD and Wipeout HD + Fury). Are you more happy about the PlayStation Network being back online or the customer appreciation package for existing PSN gamers? Voice your satisfaction or dissatisfaction about how Sony has handled the entire PlayStation Network crisis.


  1. Dustin says:

    I’m disappointed how Sony handled everything and feel they should have let the us gamers choose any two games and not from a list of games that Sony put together. I’m really really really happy to have the PSN back online though.

  2. Devin says:

    I think Sony handled it the best way they could and they werent required to give us the welcome back package so its an added bonus…It’s crazy because I used to play online everyday before it went down and in the couple days its been up I’ve only sat down to play it once..guess it made me get a life lol..

  3. jordan says:

    i think they shoulda gave us all like 50 dollars worth of psn money that would be cool

  4. ZEVLOS says:

    I agree with Dustin SONY should let us choose any two games we want and something else sony should let us european gamers choose a game too…I don’t get that thing about North American gamers only SONY survives not only from American gamers…We gave money too

  5. Grant says:

    I can’t get on still for some reason. Do you know why?

  6. Ruben says:

    Im cool with the handling of Sony. As long as it doesn’t happen again. Me too, played online mw2 daily for hours. Since it was down I got some decent sleep, but now back to playing for hours LOL!!!

  7. jonathan add meh on meez --fly23 says:

    it still anit working for psp y?

  8. Joe Leonard says:

    I still can’t get online either. My girlfriends account is on but when I tried to play Mortal Kombat on her account the game keeps booting me. I got to play for about 5 mins. This stinks.

  9. Strkier_Z says:

    i think it was annoying but i am just glad it got back before june 3d cuz i want escalation plus the added gifts make up for the rest any suggestions for the game choices?

  10. noah says:

    im just glad that it is back up so i can go back to playing some mw2 hope it doesnt happen again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. retro pheonix says:

    Calm down Joe Leonard, it can’t run perfectly as soon as it’s booted, it takes time and lots of updates to create a stable gaming platform. I don’t care what SONY offers us in the way of free-bee’s – I’m just glad that it’s back online and that they have worked so hard. I completely understand why it was brought down – but this is, in my eyes, not just the normal DoS which is used to disrupt company websites, this interfered with only one thing: Fun. Sony’s reputation may have been broken but it will recover. Hit me up on MWF/MWF2 “RetroPheonix”.

  12. Furtalance says:

    “RetroPheonix” is right..n hey retro y dnt u join me on blackops….my name is ‘Darktactix’…do
    join bro :)

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