Who Won America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16? 2011

Are you wondering who won America’s Next Top Model cycle 16 2011? There were a lot of ups and downs, surprises and tension during the episode but one girl came out on top. Do you want to be on top? Apparently Brittani wanted to be on top.

who won america's next top model cycle 16 2011Who won ANTM 2011? You got it right ladies and gents that were pulling for Brittani. It was a really close race with both of the models being absolutely gorgeous but there were a few people that saw what was coming.

I thought that the performance of Brittani on ANTM finale 2011 was a little flat to say the least but somehow she was able to pull it up out of the nose dive. The finale was packed with mommy issues, new hair cuts and plenty of tension but she still came out on top. Do you think that she deserved to win or did you want Molly to be the one that won the finale? Either way you’ve got no say and Brittani is the cycle 16 winner of America’s Next Top Model.


  1. karla says:

    She she deserved to win …

  2. karla says:

    Yes go Brittani :) ..

  3. Terri says:

    Well, Sassy and Nasty, neither were my favorites, but Nasty miraculously won.

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