PSN Back Up: More Problems For Sony

I suppose users thought that with PSN back up all of their problems would be over. If only this was true. PSN has been teeter tottering ever since the network came back online.

There have been a few different problems since the network went back online just a couple of days ago.

psn back upWhen PSN came back online many of the users went online and flooded the password reset page which was believed by users to be what took the page down. That was not the problem at all however.

A gaming blog figured out that there was a security breach in the Sony reset page and emailed Sony before they posted it on their blog. Hackers had gotten the information that was needed to reset the passwords on the accounts and could easily act as if they were the user of the account. All that they would need is the user’s email address and birth date.

Once Sony heard about this problem they quickly shut down the password reset page so that no accounts would be compromised. Users were in an uproar again because even though psn was back up it was not possible for them to get back in because the page to reset the passwords was down and it is mandatory to reset the password when getting back on Playstation network.

Besides for the whole issue of the password reset problem Sony is having even more problems and this time it is because of a new game. If you have tried to play the “hot” new game L.A. Noire you may have noticed that your console was overheating.

Some of the consoles have overheated and even shut down when playing this game. This has mainly happened with older model PS3 and it is believed to be related to Sony’s recent firmware update.


  1. Chris Ezell says:

    How can a firmware update make your system over heat while playing a game?

  2. Chris Ezell says:

    Just dont sit and play the game for 24/7, a little something i learned awhile back when my first ps3 died for the second time.

  3. When will the playstation store be back up?

  4. Hurry up and fix the playstation store.every day when the ps3 store is broke still I throw cups at the wall!!!!

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