Paranormal Activity 2: Trailer Released

For the sci-fi freaks out there, today was a great day. Paranormal Activity 2 put out the first teaser for fans. Although the original didn’t appear to be that great, folks were talking about another round almost immediately. This second shot didn’t just happen without some controversy.

The director’s chair was empty for a long time. The chair seemed to have a revolving door on it and Paranormal Activity 2 was just hanging on for dear life. And then, actress Katie Featherstone was really vague about whether she would return for a sequel or not. Moreover, according to various sources, the first version was filmed on a shoestring budget while this film has had a much larger budget to work with.

Many don’t understand how a film could even be moving into a sequel when the first version didn’t fare so well. The underlying thoughts go back to the fans of the first movie and the demand to expand to Paranormal Activity 2. While various folks have put out spoilers, the movie offers up plenty of surprises if you believe the movie’s star Micah Sloat. While he wouldn’t elaborate obviously, the trailer is now out and fans can start to get excited for the release.

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