Janice Dickinson: Loses Her Teeth In Public

This would have been a sight to see I am sure. Self proclaimed world’s first super model Janice Dickinson lost her false teeth while at a restaurant. Dickinson told Page Six that she was out eating with a friend and just decided to pop her extremely expensive “slippers” off and into a napkin. Well to her surprise when she tried to find them again they were not there.

janice dickinsonJanice Dickinson went into a fit and was even on the floor crawling around looking for her false teeth. Some of the people there asked her if she was looking for a contact and she screamed no and that she was looking for her false teeth. Talk about no shame. Some people will do anything to look gorgeous.

The 57-year-old model finally did find her false teeth after getting the whole restaurant to help her look and simply popped them back in and was ready to go about her day. I am sure that no one was surprised by the antics of Janice Dickinson. This is just normal every day stuff that happens with her. I bet you don’t have any funny false teeth stories as fun as this.

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