Playstation Network Hit With Security Snag

So the Playstation network down problem was around for a little over 3 weeks. After that users were super excited to get on and flooded the password reset page. All that you had to do to reset your password was to know your email address and birth date. This is pretty common information so your friends or the hackers who stole your information could easily get on and pretend to be you.

playstation networkAfter Sony Playstation Network figured out that was not going to work they quickly took the reset page down. “The exploit allows other users to reset your account password using only your e-mail address and date of birth,” reports Ars Technica. “This personal data was made available to hackers during the initial PSN attack.” So that was not going to help anyone. The online gameplay was not taken offline however so that was a plus.


Sony made sure that everyone understood that this was not a new hack and that they just had to take down the password reset page because of this problem. There have been so many security issues that users and critics are in an uproar over the lax. Will the Playstation network recover from the breaches? I suppose that time will tell.

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