Sony Welcome Back Package: Free PSP Games, Movie Rentals

Many users are thoroughly upset about the mess that has been going on with Playstation network for the past month. Sony understands that there has been a considerably big hit to their fan base because of all of the problems. What does Sony do to remedy this? Well give away free stuff of course! Enter Sony welcome back package!

sony welcome back packageWhat will the Sony welcome back page include? Some of the things that you will be able to expect are free PSP games, PS3 game titles, free movie rentals and much more free virtual items. You will also get free 30 days Playstation Plus membership. There will be thirty day for users to choose from their grab bag.

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Some of the comments from users were along the lines of “this better be good!” So what kind of free games will users be getting? Some are pretty good games. You could get LittleBigPlanet or Killzone Liberation for the PSP. You may get Dead Nation or inFAMOUS for the PS3. Gamers will be able to pick two titles from each list which means they can get four free games maximum.


  1. Alonso says:

    We should get more games kuz u guys lasted alot off time

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