Who Got Voted Off American Idol May 19, 2011?

Thousands of people are asking Who got voted off American Idol May 19,2011. Last night on American Idol we found out the final two that will be going head to head to win the title. I hope that you got your votes cast or you are going to be kicking yourself if your favorite went home. Let’s look at what happened during the show before I tell you who got kicked off American Idol last night.

who got voted off american idol may 19 2011Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery were the only ones left. Wednesday night they had sang three songs, judges’ choice, contestants choice and Jimmy Iovine’s choice. Did you enjoy their performances? Who got the least number of votes? Nicole Scherzinger ft. 50 Cent and Beyounce was the entertainment last night so that got the crowd pumped.

Okay fine, I will tell you that Haley went home. There were 95 million votes cast and Haley didn’t get enough to stay. Some people are quite happy about the news but die hard Haley Reinhart fans are mourning the loss. What are your thoughts on who got voted off American Idol May 19, 2011?


  1. kf says:

    I was soooo happy when Lauren & Scotty position for final 2!
    I would listen to their music endlessly, not Haley’s voice though.
    Thanks America

  2. tahler says:

    Oh my god! I cannot believe that Haley got voted off! Stupid country lovers… People don’t know what good music is anymore :( I refuse to watch American Idol now, this is all just ridiculous. WOW

  3. barry says:

    I think the result will end up being one of the most boring AI finales ever. Two country singers… how dull. My top three would have been James, Haley and Scotty as I don’t see what all the hoopla is over Lauren Alaina. I think this was the AI machine manipulating the results through the judges comments. All favorable toward Lauren and Scotty, even at their worst, but yet critical of Haley’s strong performances of songs they did not care for. How ironic that the Lady GaGa song that they panned her for singing (not release, unknown by the audience, yadda yadda); but yet when they showed the video of Gaga’s concert performance, it was the exact same song. So not good enough for Haley to sing to millions of viewers, but ok for AI to spend the time showing the same song to millions. How hypocritical. I am very disappointed in JLo and Randy’s treatment of Haley, particular over Randy’s incessant harping after she performed Gaga. Haley was clearly pissed, and I think she had every right to be… would help to hide her emotions though, but I understand totally.

    Bottom line is Haley will do better without AI. They have never done a good job marketing their winners, and her style is far too complex for the young AI audience and sappy pop songs they end up serving up to the winner. I am a huge Haley supporter all the way. The finale, outside of the duo matchups, will undoubtedly be the most boring. My feeling is that AI execs wanted Scotty to win it for the potential record sales. Haley was a threat, and Lauren is no threat at all. By throwing Haley under the bus week after week, and having her voted off, it puts the whole contest on a silver platter for Scotty. Yes, its the audience that made the vote, but the judges harsh and rediculous behavior toward Haley certainly doesn’t help sway the audience her way. Of all the contestants, Haley had the most “moments”, and at her worst was still better than Lauren by far. Haley got a raw deal.

  4. Julie says:

    Haley should of never got voted she’s the best one there so I hope Scotty takes it all!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Scotty can only sing country music. What makes him an American Idol. He has NO diversity. Every song he sings sounds the same. Bad news if he actually wins.

    Go Lauren

  6. eva says:

    OMG i cant believe that Hayley got voted of American idol she has a fantastic voice and she has the look, there’s just something about her that makes her so good but i think Hayley should of been in the top 2! i just cannot believe that Hayley got voted off!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  7. Will says:

    I think all you people who don’t like Scotty because he just sings country are wrong because it is american and one thing america invented

  8. peg says:

    Hayley has more music backround than both Lauren and Scotty but she’s obviously not America’s choice. I just want to say that she did an awesome job with Led Zeplin and nobody could beat that!
    Who will be the next American Idol? I think it’s Scotty for shure and I can’t wait to see the results!

  9. Debbie's family/friends voted for Haley says:

    Scotty and Lauren can only sing country songs good…and we’ve heard from the American Idol judges from the get-go that each contestant has to be able to sing anything…Scotty and Lauren can’t sing just anything…Haley can sing anything and sings it great…Maybe one day the TV producers will change the current boring American Idol and make it more interesting by having American Country Idol and American Pop-Rock Idol in categories standing independently on their own…then the American people can cast their vote for who they truly believe should be the next American Idol…voting for someone they truly idolize in the music they believe in…["It is what it is"]…

  10. derek says:

    Who cares since james is gone, it was over when he left

  11. Cristina says:

    Honestly, Haley deserved to go home. You could tell she was getting concieted and tried taking advantage of that. Her little “growl” is getting boring and she needed to do something different. That slow song she tried to sing was what got her off because she can only sing one kind of music. Besies, Haley doesn’t look like she’s an American idol, she’s ugly.

    Same with Scotty. He’ll probably win because most people pick based on thier looks, and Scotty definettly has looks. All he sings is country but he can’t change it past that.

    Lauren should win because she can sing anything. Yes, she’s a Country girl, but so what? If America didn’t want a country person, they would have voted her off long ago. Lauren can sing those soft heart-warming song, fun wild songs, and probably hardcore songs if she really needed to. Lauren is the best one out there, and I don’t see why people gotta be hatin’ on her.

    Either way, I’m really glad Haley’s out, and Scotty & Lauren are in. They deserve to be there, and if they didn’t, well then they wouldn’t still be in. (:

  12. victor says:

    Dear Friends,

    Scotty is perfect ! I like the way he sings , We remember Grand pa Jim ! Scot is the best and the winner should be!

    I am watching From Beautiful Myanmar.


  13. Theresa says:

    So growling Haley got voted off, huh? I lost interest in this show when Pia got voted off. This season had the potential of being the best season by far because for once they had two amazing singers as judges. They blew it by letting Pia go. She was the only one on that show that could actually sing. She gave it her all and shined every single week. Thanks Randy Jackson for suggesting a non ballad song for her, knowing that she was a ballad singer. It’s okay though. Pia is better off without AI’s contract. She will sell albums and make millions because she has the voice to do so.

    If I had to choose one from the two left standing, I’d choose Scotty. But I don’t see him going anywhere either.

    Good Luck.

  14. EMMA says:

    WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!! hayley should of won, and it should of been her and James in the final two. AMERICAN IDOL IS S#IT!

  15. Jaime says:

    This season was nothing but disappointments first pia,Paul and the only other good singer left Haley is gone? I like country music but Scotty is boring and Lauren has a good voice but other then her audition she hasn’t done anything good. Guess we got the wait for next season for a real star. Or just wait for pia

  16. Michalea says:

    Hey people

    Pia lauren and haley have been my favorite from the beginning but scotty is growing on me. I’m sad that Haley went home but I was even sadder when pia got eliminated. I’m glad that lauren is still in it. She deserves to win. She has a bit of pop and country.


  17. tkdm says:

    I am so dissapointed that HaLeY went out its so sad i thourght she would have won its called AMERICAN idol COUNTRY idols hahahahah;) i think the voting is regged

  18. Kgnt says:

    Does anyone understand ameeican idol? People have to vote. Same with politics. If you didn’t vote or even if you did but lost, quit complaining! Majority wins! I am a country music lover, but I did like haley better than lauren. It is what it is and there are so many more important things in life to worry about than a tv show.

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