May 21 Doomsday: Harold Camping

If you don’t think that May 21 Doomsday is true then you may be in the group of people that are having “rapture parties.” Some people are taking all of this nonsense and having a little bit of fun with it. Those that do not believe are having parties May 21st to kind of make fun of or celebrate the Harold Camping followers that will supposedly be leaving the sinners below.

may 21 doomsdayThere is a guy that has opened up a pet service for after May 21 Doomsday. Yes, he is signing contracts with people to take care of their pets after they get raptured away. The sad thing is that he actually has quite a few clients. How are people going to know that he actually takes care of their pets? Will he honor the contract? I mean if he was left behind he can’t be too good of a guy right?

Okay yes, this is all utter nonsense and on May 22nd we are all going to be looking around at the same people. Harold Camping will have scared the pants off of people for a 2nd time (he did the same thing back in 1994) and MAYBE people will realize he is not Mr. Reliable. Anyway, do not worry about May 21 Doomsday or Harold Camping. One of them does exist and the idea of both is slightly crazy.


  1. Jimathy says:

    if people get married onthe 21st may 2011 , will it be a match made in heaven

  2. Jimathy says:

    at least i wont be in arears with the council tax or the rent

  3. Jimathy says:

    can i take sandwitches

  4. Jimathy says:

    i dont know ! i just cant stop laughing why do all the prize idiots come from america , oh well
    poor old nostradamus got it wrong again.

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