Jenny Thompson: Olympic Athlete and Hero

Jenny Thompson is an Olympic Champion. Jenny spent her time in the water and now she has managed to make herself more than the hero she already was. She was the object of a thief’s actions and she fought back. And she won!

Jenny Thompson is 37. On Monday night she was on her scooter. Two men tried to take the scooter from her. According to authorities, the scooters are really easy to steal.  But, the two guys who made an attempt to take Jenny’s scooter obviously didn’t know who they were messing with.

The two men approached Jenny Thompson and tired to take her scooter. She fought them off and later identified one of the men who had been arrested and accused of a trying to steal her scooter.  Authorities have yet to confirm whether the scooters are being sold or if they are being dismantled and used for parts. Either way, go Jenny Thompson the superhero!

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