Macho Man Randy Savage: Dies After Car Accident

58 year old Macho Man Randy Savage died after a car accident Friday May 20, 2011. Savage suffered a heart attack as he was driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler in Tampa. According to the Florida Highway Patrol report Savage’s vehicle crossed several lanes of oncoming traffic and went on to strike a tree. His wife Lynn was a passenger in the car but only suffered minor injuries unlike Savage who died at a Largo, Florida hospital.

macho man randy savageMacho Man Randy Savage (Randy Poffo) took a whack at being a baseball player but only had minor success. He did not experience real success until he turned his attention to pro wrestling. Pro wrestling is where he found international success and fame. Everyone knew him as Macho Man Randy Savage in the ring.

I am sure that many of you know Macho Man Randy Savage from his commercial for Slim Jims! Yum! Even though there is still much debate over whether or not pro wrestling is a sport there are many fans that are going to miss this wrestler. Twitter is going crazy with condolences.

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