Harold Camping May 21

People are looking around at the same people and Harold Camping May 21 date was – WRONG. Just last night my friends and I were talking about this and I have to admit we were joking a bit.

There was some talk about the guy who would be left behind to fold the clothes. The whole idea sounds funny but people were actually shaking in their boots because of Harold Camping’s prediction.

harold camping may 21Some people may or may not know that Harold Camping May 21 date was not the first of his predictions about the end of the world. Back in 1994 Mr. Camping told people that somewhere between Sept 15 and 17 they would be taking their Heavenly flight. Both the prediction of the rapture 2011 and the rapture 1994 were basic of numerology so I suppose he will just say he made another miscalculation. I’m not sure but I know his hardcore followers will take any excuse that he gives.

So how do we know that Mr. Camping’s Rapture 2011 did not come? Well according to Mr. Camping there was supposed to be earthquakes, plagues and all other sorts of things. Everything looks pretty normal to me today. How about where you are?


  1. Chris Ezell says:

    I really wish Christians like this would keep their mouths shut. It makes the rest of us Christians look REALLY bad.

  2. Johnny says:

    Well, it is now 19:30 in South Africa and no earthquakes of any sort yet. Cannot wait to here Harolds excuse tomorow morning.

  3. Brian says:

    See how stupid he’s making his self look it makes no since that people would listen to him, just like the 2012 think i’m going to laugh when it doesn’t happen and all it’s followers will feel real stupid when they find out we’re all going to be fine.

  4. Wolfie says:

    okay he did say the earthquake would be a domino effect type of deal starting with the NZ and Australia. BUT
    Let’s see no breaking news stories about earthquakes in that area or anywhere really.He has few more hours left to see if he’s right but eh now its looks nothing will happen. Ah the poor sucker is probbaly gripping his wife’s hand watching the television seeing nothing happening on the news channels, staring in awe and worry, praying for God to get off his butt and do it.
    sorry Camping but I think God only does favors for people who deserve it and you don’t.
    I feel bad for those people who’s lives will be ruined financially when they wake and are still stuck on our this green earth not heaven.
    I feel bad for the people they know who now have to help out because of their friends ignorance.
    I feel bad for all the kids that got roped into this who spent weeks crying fearing they won’t go to heaven,fearing their friends won’t either. This is WHY people need to educate religion so we don’t more Camping pop up sure there’s one in ever belief system still can’t help but try.
    If anyone needs to slay a demon or high five Jesus; I’ll be writing some form of a novel,listening to music and watch some British TV on the internet.

  5. Denise says:

    If you really listen to what this man is “preaching” it is almost blasphemous.
    How sad he calls himself a Christian… he truly IS NOT !!!
    How sad that so many have given so much of themselves to him!!

  6. Sarah Trist Jessica Lauren says:

    Agreed Chris

  7. Kapil says:

    This really sucks how some people in the world are predicting FALSE predictions for the end of the world.I mean WTH?Harold Camping should really get killed or go to Jail for LIFE.he scared the living crap outta the world really he should roast in hell for eternity.now the so called “2012″ date will pass with nothing happening so on may 21 I woke up laughing.

  8. alex says:

    it was a little bit windy though …

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