Sony Playstation Network: Profit Loss Ahead

As you know Sony Playstation network was down for about 3 weeks. PSN allows PS3 users to connect with people around the world and hone their playing skills as they go up against the best of the best.

In a world that is being taken over by social networking it seems that online game play is a must. After the Sony Playstation network was down many people wondered if this would cause profit loss for the company.

sony playstation networkIt appears that consumers are losing faith in the service from Sony because of the multiple security breaches that have happened.

There was only one day that the network was hacked and then shut down to avoid further problems but after that there were other instances of security problems. One of those problems was with the resetting of the passwords. All that you had to know to reset a password on an account was the email address for the account and the user’s birth date. The problem with this was that the hackers had taken such information and could easily pose as any player attempting to reset their password.

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When this problem happened (which Sony was alerted about by a gaming blog) they were forced to take down the password reset page but Sony Playstation network was not taken down however.

Even though Sony appears to be working hard at getting things back in order some users and people who had been considering using PS3s for their online game play may be making other decisions.

Predictions are that Sony’s profits will be hurt greatly because new releases of games like Portal 2 and the Mortal Combat may not be snatched up as quickly as they would have been before. Some users say that they will still buy the titles but if things keep up like they are now with security they are going to go elsewhere.


  1. Chris Ezell says:

    Funny how now that its up there arent any little kids complaining anymore.

  2. nocturnal says:

    psn is up? Whenever I try to change my password it says, “There is a problem resetting your password. Please click the link again or copy and paste the link into an Internet browser.”

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