Israel Says No To ’67 Lines

After much compromise Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells President Obama no to going back to the ’67 lines.

The Prime Minister said that in light of the security concerns and the demographics there is no way that they could possibly go back to the borders which existed before the Middle East war that took place in 1967.

israel says noIsrael wants peace and President Obama says that he will work together with Israel to help them achieve that peace. He also said that while they did not reach an agreement and see everything eye to eye that is going to happen between friends.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas “has to decide if he negotiates or keeps his pact with Hamas, or makes peace with Israel. I hope he makes the choice — the right choice — in choosing peace with Israel.” The Palestinian leader of course sees things the exact opposite way and believe that Israel is standing in the way of peace.

“These statements are an official declaration that he is not ready for true peace based on justice and international resolutions,” presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh told the WAFA news agency.

Since Obama’s plea to Israel to go back to the lines of 1967 tension has increased between America and Israel. Before this America’s official stance of the issue was not known exactly but now it is clear.

Israel is surrounded by enemies since Hamas is now in control of Gaza and Fatah is in administration over the West Bank which is a site of a growing number of settlement for Israelis. The goal of the Palestinians is to unite the West Bank and Gaza under the authority of a new state.

Israel is not interested in making any deal with the Palestinians until surer guarantees of peace and safety can be made.

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