Courtney Fuhrmann and Damon Evans

The University of Georgia is dealing with a situation. When professionals in a position of power make mistakes that your every day common person makes, it is often defined as a “situation”. For Georgia, Athletic Director Damon Evans was arrested for drunken driving. And, the “situation” with Evans is multiplied by the fact that a 28 year old woman, Courtney Fuhrmann, was also arrested at the same time.

Evans and his passenger, Courtney Fuhrmann were pulled over on Wednesday night. The state trooper who pulled Evans over indicated that he could smell alcohol and he administered a sobriety test. The reason Evans was pulled over initially was for driving erratically. Once Evans failed the sobriety test, he was arrested, charged with DUI and failure to maintain a lane.

According to the state trooper, the passenger in Evans car was Courtney Fuhrmann and she was arrested for disorderly conduct at the same time.  Evans and the situation come on the eve of a new five year contract with the University of Georgia. This entire situation is multiplied by the fact that Evans has put forth a huge campaign against drunk driving. It is unclear right now if the University will hand down any form of punishment for this situation.

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