Lindsay Lohan: Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Fan

Lindsay Lohan is scared and with good reason. A stalker identified as David Cocordan has been harassing the actress over the last two years. Things have gotten worse within the last few weeks. She even caught him on video at her home.

lindsay lohan stalkerToday Lindsay Lohan won a victory by getting a temporary restraining order against the stalker. June 8th is the date set to find out if the restraining order will go from temporary to permanent. David Cocordan has been told to stay away from Lindsay.

The scary thing about the issue is that David Cocordan is believed to suffer from schizophrenia and actually believes that he is engaged to Lindsay Lohan. A massive amount of text messages and calls with sexual content leads Lindsay to believe that she may be in danger of a sexual attack from this man.

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