Iceland Volcano Eruption: May 2011 (Video)

Today May 22nd there was an Iceland volcano eruption. This was Iceland’s most active volcano and it just happened to happen within the May 21 date of Harold Camping’s end of the world prediction. Even though the end of the world didn’t happen this was a little something right? No one was hurt or injured in the eruption is the good news!

Flights were effected by the Iceland volcano eruption leaving many people to camp out at the airport just waiting for the time when they would be able to board their planes and head out. Even though this looks bad experts are trying to downplay the severity of the situation in hopes that it will not effect air travel as badly as many fear.

If you can remember the volcano that erupted last year then you remember that it shut down European airspace for six days. The officials and weather experts responsible for European airspace told airlines to brace for a possible further spread of the ash later within the week. Everyone is hoping and praying that things get back to normal as soon as possible.


  1. Unbelievable says:

    I cannot believe that you think an active volcano that has, as you note, erupted as recently as last year, has any connection to Camping’s lunancy? To predict that SOMETHING would happen on May 21 would be a safe bet. There are active volcanoes world wide and small earthquakes are a daily occurance. Camping has predicted the “End” before and it didn’t occur. He does not get points for predicting the End only to have an active volcano erupt a day AFTER which is only a coincidence.

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