Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy

Batman fans all over are going crazy over the press release that Warner bros issued late last week which announced that production of the movie The Dark Knight Rises has started. This film is the third and maybe even the last film in the popular Batman franchise by Christopher Nolan.

dark knight rises tom hardyShortly after the press release was issued there were some highly action packed teasers hitting the web as well as a photo of Tom Hardy as Bane which is the villain of the film. Fans are going crazy trying to figure out what all of this means but at least after the press release there are a few things that are clearer.

What we do know about Dark Knight Rises is that Tom Hardy is Bane and that is for sure. Who is going to join him in the cast? Christian Bale will be back as Bruce Wayne/Batman so I am sure they will have some GREAT fight scenes together! The lovely Anne Hathaway will star as Catwoman and there are plenty of other stars in this cast as well.

The film has a budget of $250 million and is currently shooting in Jodhpur, India. At some point in the film they will be moving to Pittsburgh. The release date most likely will be in July of 2012.

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