Pirates Of The Caribbean On Strange Tides Opening

Let’s face it! Everyone has fallen in love with Pirates Of The Caribbean and especially the hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow. It seems that people over seas like the film even more than those in the US however. Overall the movie that cost Disney $250 million dollars brought in $90.1 million on the first weekend.

pirates of the caribbean on stranger tidesThe previous episode grossed almost $155 million so it was a little disappointing but I am sure they will still turn a great profit. In this movie Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow and the dame to love is Latina Penelope Cruz. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was hoping to get another huge opening weekend but it still went considerably well.

Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger tides now holds this year’s top weekend earnings spot. Do you think someone will come and knock it out later in the year? The film was shown at 4,100 location and mostly in 3-D or MIAX venues. With over one quarter-billion dollars in foreign earnings this is the biggest overseas debut ever.


  1. fayeandrews says:

    I have the same problem as Johnny Depp so it is cool that he’s talking about. Most studios don’t even think about the people who might not be able to see 3D at all. It feels like another excuse to charge more for a ticket.

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