PlayStation Network Attack May Cost Sony $170 Million Or More

I am sure that you have read about the PlayStation network attack that happened back in April and had the network down for about 3 weeks. With the network down Sony stood to lose many “loyal” customers. Blogs and news sites were flooded with questions and the majority of consumers were not being patient about the issue as Sony worked to get the network back up.

playstation network attackAfter the PlayStation network attack Sony was able to get things back online but still had some security issues that made them lose even more fans. According to an earnings statement that was released today Sony estimated that the costs which are related to the recent PlayStation network hack and the outages results from that attack could very well total $170 million or more.

“Based on information currently available to Sony, our currently known costs associated with the unauthorized network access are estimated to be approximately 14 billion yen in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012,” said a company representative, as reported by Kotaku.

Next week the fiscal year for Sony ends and the company is expected to report an annual loss of $3.2 billion.

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