Joplin Missouri: Tornado Wrecks Town And Takes Lives

Last night the tornado in Joplin Missouri killed 116 people. This tornado was the most deadly single twister in the US since 1953. The winds of this twister could have well reached 198 miles per hour according to director of the National Weather Service, Jack Hayes.

Last night at 6pm the tornado ripped through Joplin Missouri. It is believed that this could have been an F5 tornado. There were more than 1,150 people that have been treated for injuries because of the tornado.

Since cell phone service was not working in Joplin there was a text message sent to others outside that had service to tell them to pass the news of where the injured were supposed to go since some of the medical treatment facilities had been taken down.

One of the most busy hospitals was McCune-Brooks Regional Medical Center which was at Carthage. Hospital staff worked tirelessly to help the injured. A hospital spokeswoman said approximatetly 200 people received some form of laboratory/medical assistance. Another 100 people were walk-ins who were treated in a triage clinic.

First person video of the tornado:

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