Dancing With The Stars Season 12 Finale May 24 2011

Tonight is Dancing With The Stars season 12 finale May 24, 2011. The winner out of the final three couples is going to be revealed. Who do you think it will be? Check back here for the update on which couple won.

dancing with the stars may 24 2011Kristie and Maks have plenty of fans that will be voting for them but do you think it is right for her to be in the finale? Their total score of 54 last night as with their freestyle and samba. Chelsea and Mark have been in the top spot the past few weeks and have a total of 59. Hines and Kym got a total of 59 as well.

Who do you think is going to be the winner of Dancing With The Stars Season 12 finale? When you check back here you will be one of the first to find out who won Dancing With The Stars May 24, 2011 results.

UPDATE: Hines And Kym Win!

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