Brazil News: An End to the World Cup Run

Brazil entered the World Cup as a clear favorite. No one really sent them on a run for their money. However, coming out of the Brazil News, the loss in the quarterfinals signals the end of their chances to win another cup. It hardly seems possible when just yesterday they were being touted as very strong.

The sad part is this, Brazil looked good. For one half, for one forty-five minute stance, Brazil was impressionable. According to the Brazil News, they simply lost their composure. The second half was more than just a bit ugly. The second half for Brazil was completely out of control.

The Brazil team has been confident in their ability to stick together, be consistent and move forward as a team. The Brazil News has reported that instead, the team crumbled.  Who knows for certain when it all started to unravel but certainly when they put a goal in their own net, it was not looking good. That sends the Netherlands into the semi finals with their heads held high and their confidence stronger than ever.

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