Nancy Grace Says Casey Anthony Is Like A Snake Charmer

I am sure that you know Nancy Grace as the no nonsense tell it like it is news lady from Swift Justice. Many people blast her because of her style and her less than great tact in saying things. Well she had some things to say about the Casey Anthony trial and Casey Anthony Tuesday.

nancy gracePeople are mad at Nancy Grace because they believe that she is one of the newscasters that released too much information which made it very difficult to select a jury. Instead of taking one week to get a jury together it took two weeks.

Nancy Grace was commenting on Casey Anthony and said “She looked very pale and pitiful and her hair has gotten very long. I was looking at her, and it’s very mesmerizing. It’s like looking at a snake charmer. But then I remembered Caylee.”

The defense is saying that Caylee Anthony drowned in a swimming pool but how can they explain the child’s mouth being duct taped and her body being found in the woods? I have a feeling this case is not going to take long but there most likely will be an appeal to the decision.


  1. sherry huddleston says:

    that girl is stone face cold ,unless it’s about her. she is like a child of cain. there are lots of people out here that are just like her,they just don’t kill.

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