The Biggest Loser Winner Is…

Olivia Ward edged out her sister as the Biggest Loser winner. All of the hard work, sweat and competitions have paid off for Olivia. The 5’9 Opera singer shed 129 pounds in 8 months to obtain this victory.

biggest loser winnerWard is 35 years old and now can say she is the Biggest Loser winner of season 11. When she came to the ranch she was 261 pounds! When she weighed in at 132 pounds on Tuesday night you could tell how excited she was about her achievement.

Ward told People magazine that she didn’t even allow herself to imagine herself as the Biggest Loser winner. “I will say the last few weeks I was really pushing towards the finish line and I thought about that confetti!”

When Olivia Ward was asked what caused her weight problem she said it was because of poor diet and no exercise. Junior high school saw Ward overweight but college is when the pounds really began to pile up. After being diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome she gave up on her weight. The Biggest Loser is just what was needed to allow her to gain back her lovely girlish figure.

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