HCG Diet: Is The HCG Diet Effective?

One of the biggest diet crazes that has been going around is the HCG diet. Many people have had success with these injections but the long term side effects are not yet known.

hcg dietMost of the time people that use the HCG diet are those that have a large amount of weight to lose and have exhausted other methods of weight loss.

HCG also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a natural hormone that is produced during pregnancy and it is believed to trigger burning of abnormal fat stores. Just because this is a hormone that occurs naturally during pregnancy does not mean that it only works for women. These injections also work for men as well.

On the HCG diet you are going to have to reduce your calorie intake to a mere 500 calories. There is a special diet that you have to go on to make this work however. If you reduce your calories to 500 without HCG your body is going to use your muscles are fuel instead of your abnormal fat.

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