American Idol May 25 2011 Finale Winner Results

Tonight, May 25, 2011 is the finale of American Idol season 10. This is the moment that we have all been waiting for as we have seen singer after singer be eliminated. Country singer vs country singer. Lauren Alaina is going head to head with Scotty McCreery. Who do you think will be the next singing superstar for the year?

american idol may 25 2011 winner resultsThere are going to be plenty of guests performing on the show tonight. Some of those big names are going to be Beyonce, U2, Aerosmith as well as Lady Gaga. There also will be performances from the top 10 finalists and the top 2. Then we are going to find out who wins this season.

It seems that many people believe that Scotty McCreery is going to be the one that comes out on top when it comes to the American Idol May 25, 2011 finale winner results. Did you get your vote cast? Make sure you post your comments below! We will have the results posted here after the winner is announced.

Update: Scotty pulls off the win!


  1. I think it was wrong for the judges to keep pushing for Lauren last night and saying she should win or was going to win and as far as Steven goes he has been thinking with his little head instead of his big head for the entire season. You could tell he was hot for Lauren from the beginning. its a go thing her mom was there to watch over her for the entire season.
    Bad judging on their part. Just because of that I would cast my vote for Scotty.

  2. bes says:

    hi!scotty should win deep voice his amazing and good performance…

  3. Damon says:





    For Lauren, she’s good too!

  4. Stephen says:

    Lauren is the better singer of the two. Scotty isn’t bad, but last night Lauren showed him up. Big time. People need to get over him being cute or whatever and listen to the singing voices. When it comes dow nto strictly singing, Lauren has been more on point than Scotty. She has showed the most change. Scotty is no different than when they saw him during auditions. You also have to dress like a star too. Scotty doesn’t. He dresses like he is going to work on a farm. T-shirt, boots, and wrangler jeans. Not star quality to me. He’s good, but she is definitely better than him. He will probably win, but it’s not going to be because he was better than Lauren… It’s going to be because all the little girls think he’s cute and they sit up all night (even though I’m sure they all had school today) and voted for him. It will be sad if he wins. But winning doesn’t matter. Lauren will probably go on to sell more than him. These are just my opinions. No need to bash me. :)

  5. Brad says:

    I think Scooty should win this time.

  6. marvin says:

    im from the Philippines the land of music as what others say.Week by week before my class Ive been watching this season with intense interest for i have seen scotty and lauren during the audition time. i love so much country music thats why i have collections from tim mcgraw garth brooks diamond rio allan jackson and others and some of the great female country singers. ive been predicting from the very beggining for a scotty win not because of my country music inclination but i could see in him the potential to be in the names of america’s great country singers with great albums. and lauren appears to be of equal level with scotty for reason that they almost have the same music genre both have good quality deserve to be superstar. america is blessed with youth like them and the rest of those ten finalist for they have shown the world good music worth listening too and artistic rendition and interpretation. scotty could win lauren might be the second but no lossers on this stage for america is in it to win in as randy jackson says over and over again.whoever will be, america had produce the 2 finest youth they’ve got this season , with great sense of music. scooty and lauren guys, do some duet country music oh my how i wish you could come up with album like that. truly too difficult too choose.can we not have two winners?

  7. fran says:

    Scotty will win, because Idol has become “Cute White Guy Idol.” As Stephen said, Scotty is exactly the same as he was in the beginning. He has a beautiful voice, but no emotional range and a limited performance presence. He bored me to tears. Lauren grew, and has great potential, like Carrie Underwood. There is a sparkle about her, and she will be a big star anyway. Idol has become so predictable, and anyone with any true individuality is voted off. They either need to change the voting system or they will continue to lose voters. I mean seriously, is anyone going to buy “I love you this big?” Snore.

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