Jennifer Rovero: Paris Hilton

Jennifer Rovero and her pal Paris Hilton are in South Africa watching the World Cup. In the meantime, the two managed to find trouble almost immediately. Paris or Rovero had marijuana in their possession. The authorities put the blame on Hilton, Rovero stepped up and took responsibility.

The World Cup has definitely drawn celebrities of all kind. Jennifer Rovero, who is a former playboy playmate apparently thought she was doing something noble by stepping up. Now, Rovero has been sentenced to thirty days imprisonment or a $130 fine. In the long run, if Paris was to blame or if it indeed belonged to Paris, $130 fine is chump change to bail herself or her friend out of jail.

As for the authorities making mud out of Paris Hilton’s name and her fame, she doesn’t need their help as she is good at handling that herself.  However, the authorities in South Africa have apologized for making matters worse. In the meantime, Jennifer Rovero is headed down a really ugly path of destruction if she continues to handle herself in this manner. The things some people do for fame is almost unbelievable.


  1. GLEN says:

    Jennifer is a TRUE friend to take the fall for Paris!

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