Facebook: Your Thoughts About The Like Button on Facebook

Using the Like button from Facebook on your content is one way to have visitors to share your content with people on Facebook. When people click on the Like button on your website, that link then appears on the users Facebook news feed with a link back to your page. At the bottom of our website Wagerrun.com you can see and click on the Like button and this would show up on your news feed for all of your friends to see. Using the Like button is a way to get your site more popular on Facebook in hopes that is goes viral.

Facebook Like Button

With over 500 million active Facebook users it is a no brainer to use the social media site to get your own web site more attention. Stats show that around 50 million “Likes” are clicked per day for different brands. The Like button not only provides a link back to content that you clicked it on, but it also allows you to be able to comment on that content. The Like button is a new and improved version of the share button that you may remember from Facebook although it is already over two years old.

The Like button was originally started on April 22, 2009 by Facebook. The way we see and use the Like button on content today came about earlier this year. The Facebook Like button allows people to vote on content that they like, this guarantees uniqueness and allows for a great way to spread the word about something specific. For many the Facebook like button is their favorite social media tool to share with friends.

What are your thoughts about the Facebook Like Button? Good or bad?


  1. Jason says:

    I agree the Facebook Like button is a great tool used by millions everyday.

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