Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: How Big Is The Ring?

The Kim Kardashian engagement ring seems to be a big surprise to quite a few people. Reality star and socialite Kim Kardashian has gotten quite a big ring from her boyfriend, now fiancée NBA star Kris Humphries. The ring is said to be a 20.5 carat custom design by Lorrain Schwartz.

kim kardashian engagement ringThere are supposedly two passages of scripture inscribed on the ring. Each of these are special to each Kim and Kris. The Kim Kardashian engagement ring was shown off to the photographers shortly after the news was broke by Kim and Kris. It seems that she was very proud of her ring and who wouldn’t be happy to show of a $2 million dollar ring?

The couple got engaged on May 18th after Kris asked for permission from Kim’s Mom. The Kim Kardashian engagement ring may have swayed her on the choice of her son in law a little bit. The two have only been dating since November and some people think she is sports player crazy since she has been linked to others in the past.

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