Randy Macho Man Savage

Do you remember the lovable flamboyant wrestler Randy Macho Man Savage? May 20 he died in a car accident. His wife was also in the car but only experienced minor injuries.

randy macho man savageThe car accident happened May 20th near Tampa. Randy Macho Man Savage was 58 at the time of his death. The Florida HWY patrol reported that Mr Savage had lost control of his Jeep Wrangler near his Tampa area home. He drove into a tree after passing over lanes of traffic because he experienced a heart attack.

You may know Randy Macho Man Savage best by one of his commercials. Do you remember OOOOHHHH yeah on the Slim Jim commercials? It is hard to forget that you need to snap into a Slim Jim when his voice is going around in your head.

Mr. Savage opened up to reporters multiple times telling about his wrestling career and behind the scenes information. He said while most of the violence that you see in professional wrestling is choreographed there is some real blood that gets drawn.

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