Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

If you love to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians I am sure that you have heard about the Kim Kardashian engagement ring that everyone is drooling over.

kim kardashian engagement ringThere has been some negative press over the $2 million ring but almost everyone is truly happy for Kim and her relationship with NBA star Kris Humphries.

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Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: Photo’s of the Stunning Diamond

Some people think the ring is too big and too flashy but most people understand that it is their money and they can what they want with their money.

Gossip columnist Janet Charlton stressed the fact that Kris Humphries did not pay $2 million for the 20.5 carat Kim Kardashian engagement ring but that it was in fact worth that amount of money.

Besides the media trying to tear Kim and Kris apart over the ring they are also trying to tear them apart by saying their relationship may not be real or that Kim could just be desperate for a husband. Hmmm let’s think about that for a minute. Kim is one of the most successful and beautiful 30 year olds in America. I seriously doubt she is hurting for a husband.

My hope is that everything works out fine and that the new Kim Kardashian engagement ring is worn by Kim for a very long time.


  1. juju says:

    Amen! I second all of it!^_^ Be happy Kim and Kris

  2. bananabean says:

    Successful? What has Kim Kardashian ever done? Inherited a bunch of money? That’s about it… Her endorsements are available just because of her already large fortune. She sang possibly the worst song I have ever heard, up there with Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. She has tried to act on multiple occasions, all of them ending horribly. She was born rich and in the spotlight. That’s the only thing she ever accomplished. The Kardashians and the Jersey Shore cast members are in the same boat in my opinion: equally worthless, a waste of TV time, energy, and thought. Hopefully America someday wakes up and quits giving these hard partying, oxygen wasting losers the attention they don’t deserve.

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