Hangover 2 Box Office Earnings

It was predicted that Hangover 2 box office earnings would come out on top and it looks like the predictions were correct. There really was no movie there to rival for the top spot but Kung Fu Panda 2 was attempting to make its way up the scale.

hangover part 2 box office earningsThe Hangover 2 box office earnings have a projected value of $139 million while Kung Fu Panda 2 comes in at a decent $65 million.

The first movie was loved by the adult crowd and the hilarious antics of the perfectly matched cast had people begging for more. What do movie folks do when they have a hungry audience? They give them what they want or at least try to.

Plenty of people went to see the movie and made the Hangover 2 box office earnings go crazy but how many of those people thought the movie was as good as the first one or better?

Some people think it is extremely similar to the first movie but no one seems to care. The budget has been upped and the movie is better than the first so why not love it they figure. Whatever is going on in people’s minds they sure are going to see the movie!


  1. jay howard says:

    Great movie but I liked the first one better….

    I think the execs rushed to get the second the Hangover Part II out fast just for a cash grab.

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