Casey Anthony: Both Casey And Cindy In Tears

It is no doubt that the whole ordeal has been stressful on this mother/daughter relationship. Today Cindy Anthony had to answer questions today at the trial of her only daughter.

casey anthonyWhen Cindy went to testify she did not lock eyes with Casey Anthony or even acknowledge that she was there. Cindy talked about “our Caylee” and how she saw her “just about every day.” Cindy described their relationship as very close and said that Casey would check in every day until Caylee went missing that is.

When the prosecution showed a photo of Caylee’s bedding with Winnie-the-Pooh Cindy began to cry and Casey also had tears well up in her eyes. Before long both Casey and Cindy were quietly sobbing in the Florida court-room.

This may be a long and drawn out trial for Casey Anthony.


  1. Wally Geez says:

    PLEASE! All the tears are tears related to the thought of going to prison or being found GUILTY. This woman is a horror of a human being – killing an innocent 2 year old is unjustifiable under ANY circumstance – she violated a scared trust that baby had with her and there is no pain too harsh to punish her for her crime. The death penalty is not a sufficient or just punishment for her, this woman desrves the renewal of medieval torture BEFORE she meets her demise.

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