Brad Womack And Emily Maynard Break Up

Well it seems that all is not well in the world of Bachelor reality tv star Brad Womack. After turning down Ashley Hebert and going for Emily Maynard, Brad Womack and Emily Maynard break up.

brad womack and emily maynard break upWhat is the reason for this break up? There are a few different rumors running around. The “real” story is that neither of them was going to be able to move to be with the other so they just decided that they would break it off.

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Emily was spotted without Brad’s engagement ring that he gave her at the end of the Bachelor show and that was when all of the gossip began to run rampant. It seems that the two really did love each other but it just could not work.

The 25-year-old single mother tweeted her appreciation to fans when she wrote, “Thank you so much for the support and love. It means more than you will ever know. Busy weekend, so I’ll see you on Monday!”

One source tells us that Brad is so distraught that he continues to drunk dial Emily and make things worse. The couples break up happened almost a month ago but Brad doesn’t seem like he is willing to let go.


  1. louise says:

    Brad has said all throughout the show the gal he picks has to move to Austin. What part of that sentence did Emily not understand? She wasted not only Brad’s time but the other women who were willing to do that for him. Thanks Emily. If you really loved Brad, you would make that effort even if it means uprooting your daughter. Love is sometimes a sacrifice. I hope you find someone in Charlotte.

  2. jb says:

    They were both immature for their age…kids living in fantasy land… fame whores… Now emily..
    let’s her daughter meet this dude…. now she’s out of his life.. nice example..

    Both are better alone…

  3. Nancy Pipa says:

    She just wanted to win, just like any other women who go on the show. Emily is a good actress for sure! Don’t get me wrong, I am Emily fun. but I am sick and tired of her not comenting on her
    relationship to her funs. She has lost all her funs, no one cares about her anymore after they found out who she really is OR who she’s trying to prove she is! apart from a few people on her facebook.
    To tell you the truth, it’s her life and I dont care anymore! I have more important things to do!!

  4. Julie says:

    I agree, Louise. Emily knew she could never leave Charlotte, or that would mean being cut off again from her daughter’s grandparents. I felt like Brad really could have gotten it right this time, but unfortunately she had too much baggage to give it 100%. Meanwhile, there were other women there, like Chantal, that probably could have made a future with Brad, imo.

  5. Katie says:

    Ugh, I’m so frustrated with these two, they make a really cute couple. Emily needs to suck it up and just move to Austin and be with her man. He loves her so much and he can take care of her and her little girl. she’s just being a greedy whore, and the grandparents shouldn’t cut her off because she is moving. They should still be there for the grand daughter no matter what. That’s ridiculous that they would even tell Emily that they’re done with her if she moves. Especially if they have money.. it doesn’t cost that much to hop on a plane to go see your grand daughter, I’m fuming because Emily and Brad are in love and nothing should ever get in the way of love!!! NOTHING!!!!

  6. Fan says:

    I think Brad is HOT! I would move to Texas for him. However, I would never have put myself in the situation to be competing with that many women for one man. Going on to that show says, “I’m ok with my other half cheating” for how many weeks? I don’t want my guy holding hands with another woman let alone do anything more. We all want to judge Brad and Emily. I think she was mean to him at the “After the Final Rose”, but who knows what really happened. We got to see less than 1-2 hours of a week of things that happened and it was all edited for tv. We would like to think we know these people but as I have heard before, they make the mean look meaner and the nice look nicer on reality tv. They can’t make the mean look nice or vice versa. Brad is a very good looking man and very sexy. However, tv portrays him to be a little bit of a player and momma’s boy. I think Emily was a little too young to be a 38 year old when she was only 25, but then again that is a personal perspective. Emily is very pretty and Brad is HOT, but that doesn’t mean they automatically make a great couple because they look good together. Brad owns 4 bars and can’t meet a long term girlfriend? He had to go on TV to do it? Red Flag!!!!!!

  7. Nikki says:

    On the one hand, Emily’s daughter IS her priority. Anyone who has been a mom can testify to that. As a young widow myself, it’s not easy to just “uproot” your child and move away from the security of family, especially when one is trying to provide a secure and safe environment. Brad was coming into HER life. Emily’s daughter was there a long time before he was. I can’t fault or blame either of these people. Neither one of them could make the move. That’s no one’s fault. It’s just not meant to be…or it’s the wrong timing…or any number of things. It’s just the way it is. It is not Brad’s or Emily’s fault…in my opinion.

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