Selena Gomez Death Threats

You may have heard about the latest photos that have surfaced that claim to show Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kissing. Apparently Bauer Griffin has a set of photos that show the couple kissing while on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean.

selena gomez death threatsOne of the photos looks like it shows Selena Gomez, 18 with her arms over Justin Bieber, 16 and the other photo shows the two kissing. One photo even appears to show Justin with his hand on Selena’s butt as they are leaving the deck of the yacht.

In my mind that couple could be fakes because they do not show the couple up close enough. You could get a couple of people that look like them and put them that far away and call them Selena and Justin.

After the photos surfaced those with severe Bieber fever began posting Selena Gomez death threats on twitter. One message read, “Roses are red, violets are blue, @selenagomez if you’ll break @justinbieber’s heart I’m gonna kill you.” Another one read, “If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!”

Neither Justin Bieber nor Selena Gomez responded to these threats but Gomez did say that the relationship between her and Justin was just friends.

Below is also a video supposedly showing Selena and Justin


  1. aaliya says:

    Even though im not that big of a fan of Selena Gomez and i like Justin Bieber. I really dnt care much for their relationship but that dosent mean im gonna go out and send death to selena gomez…… thats just plain psycho!!!!!!

  2. nakedra says:

    Just because there dating that don’t mean y’all crazii fans have to give ha death threats I love both of them and I don’t think y’all should do that

  3. Anna brennan says:

    Hey whoever is sending Selena death treaths you r just sad because Justin doesent like u and u think no one else can have him but u should just be happy for them because they are a good couple and they like each other so leave them alone and let them live their lives without getting death treaths love u both

  4. crazyforselena says:

    I think that anyone who threatens selena for death is a pshyco an should be institutionalised i mean who would threaten such a great actress!!!

  5. analise the amazing girl says:

    no one should send death threats to selena gomez i mean its not like justin is gonna hook up with u anyway

  6. julie says:

    justin dosen tknow you so if your sending death threats to selena u better stop now because he never will know u and will nerve dtae u well shut it


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