Cane Corso Mastiff Kills Brooklyn Child

In Brooklyn a 4 year old boy was killed after he was mauled by the family dog inside their apartment in Brooklyn, New York according to police spokesman Joseph Gallagher.

cane corso mastiffThe dog that was responsible for the killing was a Cane Corso Mastiff. These dogs are large and muscular, they are most commonly used for protection and hunting but this dog was allowed to be in the house around 3 small children ages 2, 4 and 5 – all boys.

The child, Jayelin Graham, was bitten multiple times in the head, torso and neck by the family’s Cane Corso Mastiff. This deadly attack happened Friday night and sent the boy to a hospital that was nearby but he was pronounced dead upon his arrival, according to spokes Andrew Rubin for the Brookdale Hospital.

The 2 year old and a 5 year old boy also in the home were not harmed. Police will be investigating the incident and New York’s Animal Care and Control have removed the dog as well as a German Shepherd from inside the apartment.


  1. Dawn says:

    Any dog has can attack a child. I m very sorry for this family’s loss and I take exception to the reporters wording :” this dog was allowed to be in the house around 3 small children” It was ALLOWED in the house because it was a family pet and the parents obviously never thought he would harm the child. Yes,it’s a huge animal and that’s why it’s used for protection. They are trained for protection though and most (outside of the ones trained to guard things or made vicious) make wonderful pets. German Shepherds are known to attack also. Actually as I stated before any dog has the capability to attack. The top dog responsible for more bites in the US each year is the Golden Retriever. Doesn’t seem very vicious, does it? It is indeed a tragedy that this poor child was killed but lets not make the parents feel worse by suggesting they put their child purposely in harms way by allowing a vicious animal around their son’s.I’m sure they are just as shocked as we are.

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