Playstation Network Status: PSN Update May 29

For gamers worldwide the PlayStation network is a way to play online with friends around the world. When the network went down back in mid-April it wreaked havoc amongst users. Not only did they not have access to their online gaming, but a security breach meant that their personal information was leaked. The PlayStation network status as of today shows that not all countries are back online as of yet.

Back in mid-May users in North America were granted access to the network. With millions of people online at one time, the network had to subsequently shut back down temporarily to accommodate the sudden rush of password changes. The PSN update for May 29th shows the network is running well in North America, The UK and parts of Europe. As for Asia the PlayStation network status is not as promising.

Countries such as Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore are expected to be back online this weekend. While a time frame for the gamers in Hong Kong having access to the network has not been released. Users of the PlayStation network have been given some free rewards as recognition for Sony’s appreciation during the outage. With the PlayStation network status getting back online, worldwide gamers can now get back into their gaming.


  1. Fuzzamuzza says:

    I live in North America and i still can’t login so the Network isn’t working in North America.

  2. chen5008 says:

    Password emails are being delivered quickly, but the website it directs you to is still down. Login is not allowed.

  3. Moopwax says:

    I’m in North America as well (Nevada if it matters), and the PSN is down for me as well.

  4. dunedevil says:

    I live in north america and been playing for two weeks.

  5. jbones1 says:

    thats funny. its been working for me. whatever you are doing dont do it.

  6. izyy says:

    im in canada and its still down cannot access the playstation store im wondering once were on the trial period will be over and wont be able to enjoy the nice little free download that they offered to everyone :(

  7. KTW says:

    This posting is utter bulls#@t! I’ve been trying to log into the PlayStation network all day and still haven’t been able to. The network is unavailable so why does the article say the network is running well.

  8. Arnie says:

    it works in north America maybe not some areas but it does work and psn is under maintenance right now hell if you want to know more info go to the playstation blog you’ll see that its up

  9. Chris says:

    Nope, still offline. And I’m in the US


  10. Brian says:

    you a moron dude. you can’t say north america is down just because one f#g “you” can’t figure it out

  11. Javier says:

    I don’t understand this, the network has been up since like over a week…

  12. greg says:

    It works fine if you were logged on before they had this problem; if you’re trying to log on, you’re just going to have to wait it out yet again. DON’T LOG OUT IF YOU’RE ON!!!

  13. Josh says:

    I think you are confusing the network with the store. Minus a few hours the network has been up and running since mid may for me. I have been playing online with several games/friends. The store is still down for me tho. Hope that comes up soon.

  14. emills says:

    f$*&k sony i’ve been patiant now i’m thinking x box is the way to go. the first time it was down they said it was taking so long cause they had to get it right so it would be bullet proof, now its down again! F@$k Sony!

  15. Jeramis says:

    I got the email to change my password yesterday. When I click on the link, it says the server is down for maintenance. This has been going on since last night. The link to the email supposedly expires in 24 hours and I’m approaching that 24 hour limit. Sony is still messing this up. I’m seriously thinking about getting a 360 and never using the PS3 again.

  16. i just tried to get back online today for the first time in a couple months. and i know that network went completey down. but when i get a e-mail sent to me to change my password i click on the link and it takes me the playstation network site but it says that it is under maintenace. so i still can’t get online and jeramis if u give up on ps3 and go to 360 u will get dominated because there is no comptetion on ps3 there is a lot of it on the 360 i started off on the 360 and then went to the ps3 there is a big differnce between them u will get dominated on the 360 if u go to it.

  17. Kyle says:

    Will the server be up and running again I wanted to change the password again today but the server is down for maintenance still. I am getting fed up of trying and not succeeding the whole reason why I bought this system is to play online so far it seems to be a wasted 500 dollars because I only like to play online and know I have been wating for a bit too long I hope it is running soon so there are no more unhappy customers. can you please send an email when the site is no longer under maintnence so I can change the password and get back in the game

  18. strikezone says:

    Asia is still down, just tried to connect and it’s still undergoing maintenance. Patiently awaiting the return of online play and PSN Store.

  19. mikey says:

    first off i’m new to being a playstation 3 owner i own both 360 and ps3 there both great i just bought a ps3 about three weeks ago and now i’m regretting it does anyone know when this damn network will be back on i live in connecitcut.

  20. Jim says:

    Man, are we spoiled F*ing people (Americans), or what. I’ve been complaining since the network went down that I can’t play online. Then the network comes online, and I’ve been complaining since that I don’t have access to any of the Downloadable Content. I’m readin the rest of this junk with this, “Seriously guys…i’m totally serial…I’m going to get a 360 and never use a ps3 again.” Jeramis isn’t the only one, but you all get the point. Sony got Hacked by a couple of whiney, but smart b*$tches, who wrecked the network. Sony had to take it down. They are working on it. The network is free to begin with, they are constantly appologizing and offering free crap as a way of saying either “Thank you,” or “Please don’t leave us…”if we can’t survive a month and some change without the playstaion….no, i take that back…not the playstation…a peice…a fraction of the online section, then we seriously need lives. I say “We,” cause I b$*th too. It just hasn’t hit home since I saw the rest of you saying it. And if it isn’t working for you yet and your in North America…pick up a damned book or mow the lawn. You’ll survive while they fix the issue. You know if they rushed it back online and had all the problems with Lag and Hackers before mid-April…then you would all be on this blog complaining about that too. Sony is doing what they can. Trust me when I say, they want the network…they’re cash machine…up and running far more than you do. I appreciate that they are trying to get it right first.

  21. IownALLsystemsLOL says:

    Haha Y’all need rehab BRB I’m gonna go play my Xbox Live [ONLINE] & maybe buy a game or 2 from the [STORE]! LOL

  22. StevenCrux says:

    GUYS!! it’s BEEN up…EVERYWHERE, for a while now.

    Have you done a system update? are you having issues logging into PSN or the Store? PSN is up, the store is still down.

    If you can’t get into PSN, then it’s something wrong on your side, because it is back up..and has been…for awhile now.

    My recommendation is make sure you do a system update.

  23. aida says:

    works fine for me. store is still down though, and i never got an email at all… hope the store is up soon! gonna buy ff9 :D

  24. RedPowers says:

    I can play games online now but i cant go on Playstation network to buy games or anything I changed my password just fine

  25. Aaron says:

    I live in north CA, I been online since may 14. I think I’ll get on right know. Hit me up HITMAN-4-HIRE559

  26. Joel says:

    The Playstation Network has been up and running in North America for well over a week now. The Playstation store however is different. The Store is still down and should be available by the end of the month which is only a day or two away. So in recap, the Playstation Store, which is in the Playstation Network, is still down. The Playstation Network is up and running in North America.

  27. vi says:

    i was able to log on a few days ago with no problem … but i have not been able to make a connection all day … my wireless works and funtion to my laptop hasn’t been interrupted … haven’t touched the setting or anything, so it really looks like it is a ps3 issue …

  28. doomoney1 says:

    yea mine is still down, im n nc. so does everyone get 2 free games when it comes back up?

  29. DK says:

    Same here, I am in the USA and its been up and running for me for a couple of weeks now. As said previously, PSN is UP in North America but the Playstation Store is down.

  30. jmo3688 says:

    i have same problem other than i wasnt able to get on at all sun. till late. been playin for a week no problems til sun. now im gettin in to my game but connection interupted……keeps comin up and i have not moved or changed anything. seems funny that fine before sun. and now this……

  31. fasdd says:

    it works in north america .. im here in new york and everything is finee =)

  32. morph says:

    Here in uk get an error message. trying to install patch of uncharted 2

  33. bxhandball says:

    The network works here in New york but not the store

  34. sixsicksevens says:

    I’m in central Canada and the network works fine but I still can’t access the playstation store. I get a message saying that it’s down for maintenance. Anyone else getting this? Anyone know when the store will be uh restored?

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