PlayStation Network Problems: PSN Update May 30

Ever since the middle of April users have been experiencing PlayStation network problems. For a while the network was totally down and people were unable to play their favorite games. Just a short time ago Sony was able to start getting the network up.

playstation network problemsNow it seems that users are getting “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of the PlayStation Network. (80710092)” when they attempt to use the network.

Not all users are experiencing this problem and seems to only be affecting a small percentage of the people that are attempting to play.

Users in North America seem to be getting the brunt of the outage but the PlayStation network problems should be resolved much faster than the ones that happened last time. Sony advises you not to log out of your account if you are having these problems.


  1. delirium says:

    80710092 error problem is not news that has been happening ever since psn was first launched, its random at times. has nothing to do with the outage from the hack.

  2. ep3assassain says:

    so what arew you psn ners going to give us back in return

  3. Double Aught Code says:

    Dont tell me some DDoS is going on…I thought the mission WAS NOT to incorporate user functionality? Thats the problem with one group deciding whats best for others …its usually only if it serves the initial groups point and/or purpose.

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