Eric Johnson: Jessica Simpson

The rumor mill is a tough place to live your life. But, when you are a celebrity athlete, privacy basically just doesn’t exist. And now, for Eric Johnson, he has managed to make it into the world of both celebrities and athletes. Eric Johnson is a former tight end for the San Francisco 49′ers.

Thus far, Eric Johnson has experienced the life of a celebrity athlete. By dating Jessica Simpson he can be guaranteed some more face time on the big sites like TMZ. You won’t find him just hanging out on sports networks anymore. With Jessica Simpson by his side, the camera’s will most likely find him more often.

Eric Johnson made his name popular as a football player. Jessica hit the limelight after her stint on the reality show revolving around her and her husband Nick. The show was aptly named “Newlyweds:  Nick & Jessica” and of course now, it’s quite office that she isn’t Nick’s wife any more. How long can she last in a relationship with no live video but with many camera’s snapping up photos every possible moment.

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