David Beckham “Speeding Really Bad” Before Escalade Crash

Witnesses say that David Beckham was “speeding really bad” on May 6th when his Escalade crashed into the back of a stalled car on one of the busiest highways in L.A.

david beckhamEven though police did not cite Beckham at the scene some people think that he has gotten off too lightly.

It was not just one witness that told about irresponsible driving by David Beckham. There were other drivers that were around Beckham who mentioned such things as reckless lane changing, excessive speeding and pulling in and out of the car pool lane.

Do you think that Beckham got off too lightly or are people making too much of a fuss?

A spokesman for Beckham dismissed the claims, saying, “As unfortunate as accidents are, David was not cited by the police at the scene for any violations.”

David Beckham also had his son Brooklyn in the car with him but neither he nor David had to be taken to the hospital. The driver that was rear-ended however did receive medical attention.

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