PlayStation Network Status: Full Services For PSN Return This Week

It has been a bumpy ride for Sony and the PlayStation network status has been in limbo since the hacker(s) attacked in April.

On Tuesday it was announced by Sony that the PlayStation network services in the US, Europe as well as part of Asia will be restored by the end of the week. The “Music Unlimited” streaming service provided by Qriocity will also be resumed for PS3, PC and PSP users.

It is still uncertain when services for Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea will be up but Sony said that details on service restoration in the area will be out as soon as it becomes available. Some of the services have already come back online for Japan this past weekend.

The multiplayer gaming for PSN has been restored already but the PlayStation store has been offline ever since the April attacks.

Sony claims that the PlayStation network status looks hopeful and besides for restoring service they have also been testing security. Sony claims to have “implemented considerable security enhancements to the network infrastructure, as well as conducted testing of the payment process and commerce functions.”

I am sure that Sony is trying as hard as they possibly can to get the PlayStation store and other services related to PSN up as soon as possible. They are especially attempting to get it up before the weekend since it marks one of the biggest events in video gaming.

This weekend is the E3 Expo in Los Angeles which is an annual game industry trade show where Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and other big names in the game get together to show off their latest hardware, games and more.

Spoilers say that Sony will unveil the NGP at E3 which is its next generation PlayStation portable handheld console. This is expected to happened at their press conference on Monday, June 6.

I know that a lot of users are wondering about their “Welcome Back” package. After the PlayStation network store is back online PSN users that are eligible will be able to download the free games and services that are part of Sony’s special package.


  1. Afro Ninja says:

    Heck yea!! i could use some free games, and i hope they change the new psp name to just PSP2 ya’know keep with the 1,2,3 thing they had goin but whatever. thanks for the update Im River0Styx PSN acount someone add me!! plz!! (yay play station store back!!) ;)

  2. anthony says:

    Sarry don’t know might be my network but I’m doun on ps3 net dnky.

  3. K says:

    Anthony, you’re a full-fledged idiot.

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