Bachelorette Ashley Hebert: May 31 Update

Things are already heating up for Bachelorette Ashley Hebert. It seems that she has already had her best first date ever.

bachelorette ashley hebertUsually the guys would have stayed at the mansion for a little bit but Bachelorette Ashley Hebert decided that she was going to take them to the city of sin and see how they did there. Las Vegas here they come! Ashley said the energy of the city was like no other and she wanted to surprise the guys with a trip.

Ashley is sticking to her guns when she says that her date with William was the best first date ever. She said that it had the perfect mix of depth and fun. It also helped that William was handsome and charming.

Has Ashley already picked her guy or will there be some twists and turns that aren’t expected that throw her in another direction?

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